Digital Posters for IAFS 2020


How will digital posters enhance your experience at IAFS 2020?

During catering breaks and dedicated poster sessions, delegates will be able to browse through the posters on the kiosks and view posters on the app on smartphones and tablets.

The inclusion of digital posters will: 

  • Ensure easy preparation and easy modification of your poster – much easier than printing and transporting
  • Enable delegates to access posters on phones, tablets, laptops, and kiosks within the exhibition hall
  • Allow delegates to view uploaded posters on the Meeting app at any time (the app will be launched prior to the Meeting)
  • Make it possible for delegates to contact authors via the app to organise meetings and ask questions about the poster
  • Allow you to communicate directly with fellow presenters, enhancing your networking opportunities

If accepted for a digital poster, please refer to the ‘Digital Poster Guidelines’ on how to create and upload your digital poster. Digital posters must be submitted using the ‘Digital Poster Template’.

Poster Presentation Guidelines

Digital Poster Template